Between love and nation


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Between love and nation is the story of an undercover RAW (Research and Analysis wing)Agent. That guy served his whole life to his nation, one day he bumped with the girl and fell in love with him. And very soon their fairytale like story shattered into tiny pieces .

he is dark, she is his light, she loves him, he loves her then what happened in their fairy tale-like love story.

this story revolves around a girl who fell in love with criminal , whole society abandoned him , everyone hates him but she fell in love with that criminal.

this is so much about raghu which neha don't know , she has no idea that her husband is not a criminal but a undercover agent of Indian police.

but the stodon'tont end here, there is so much in the story.


Tags: love-triangleescape while being pregnantforcedpolicetragedytwistedbxgMulti-professional Billionaire Writing Contest
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Raghu sits on the couch and put his both daughters on both thighs. Raghu looked at his daughters with so much love and kissed their cheeks.  Raghu is happy to know that Neha gave his one daughter Prachi name and one daughter's star name.

" Are you crying or smiling " asked Star and Raghu smiled with a teary face, he blinked his tears……


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