And All It Started At The Night We Met


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"The first time I met him, I felt an unknown feeling I wasn't aware about.. It was too deep to resist.. But, still I tried, I tried my heart and soul to avoid him.. Yet, he was too stubborn to give up.."

"And eventually, without knowing anything about him I gave in and then things went on in it's own flow.. And I regret it.. I regret everything happened in between us, the day he shutter my all dreams in just a snap by throwing me out from his life.."

"I hate him!! I hate him to the core!! But, I hate my ownself more because after all these things happened, I still love him!! I don't know how to hate him!!

Could he ever realise what he has lost? Yes, he would.. But, that would be too late to realise.. Because, I have changed the way he never could even imagine....."

** Hello guys "And All It Started At The Night We Met" is a story where you will find a roller coaster ride of two lovers and How they made their journey to the end.. I really hope you will like the story.. Thank you...**


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Chapter 9


His sudden voice broke my trance.. "Huh!?" I looked at him in confusion "what is it?"

"we have reached Alice, what are you thinking!?" He asked me, looking amused..

I shook my head "no, nothing.. Let's go.."


Currently I am lying down on my bed.. It's 12 p.m……