The Alpha's Rejected Fairy


LaurG Fantasy

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(Mature 18+) “Say you’re mine Fay.”Alpha Cayden growled dangerously low with my back pressed against him , his erection strained against my ass.My head fell back against his shoulder as his mouth latched onto my neck , he hissed as I ground my behind against his hard on.


I wouldn’t be weak …Couldn’t be weak , for Cayden and I could never be together , not in this lifetime , not ever.

My world.
A world separated from humans , a magical land where only mythical creatures existed . Far far away where no human could possibly reach . A land full of vampires , werewolves , witches , shapeshifters , fallen angels , demons and lastly …fairies.

Fairies .

That's what I am .
A fairy, but not just any fairy , a princess .
Not just any princess , a rejected one .

Rejected by my own people after my family supposedly betrayed our kingdom.

We live in harmony with one another ...That is , as long as one rule is never broken , a rule that has never been broken even up to this day.Mate within your own species , no two species are ever to mix .

But what happens when I'm the first to ever have a mate outside of my species ?

A werewolf .Not just any werewolf , the most powerful , arrogant, heartless , possessive Alpha King that ever walked the land.

Alpha Cayden Gollias .

My name is Fay Sparks and this is my story .


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationfatedpregnantpowerfulprincessroyalty/noblebxg
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Hi my beautiful readers, this is to inform you that book 2 is finally out right here on Dreame!

Just a recap of the synopsis for this story:

Amethyst White and The Fallen Angel


There were tales of a young witch whom had been put into a long peaceful sleep for centuries and centuries . . . The legend goes ……


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