I Kissed A Girl, and She Liked It


Deborah Daniels LGBT+

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"Okay, listen, I know we've been friends for a long time and I really don't want to f**k it up but I can't stop thinking about you and I think I'll regret it for the rest of my life if I don't say something so I'm just gonna do it, I just have to go for it and say something and hope that you feel the-" I was unable to finish my sentence as Brittany's lips crashed against mine. I stood with eyes wide open in shock unable to respond to the pressure of her lips against mine. Before my brain was able to process what was happening, the pressure upon my lips abruptly disappeared as Brittany jerked backwards with an apologetic look upon as a blush quickly began to grace her ivory cheeks.
"I'm sorry, Nay, I thought you, you don't feel the same, I'm so stupid, I'm sorry, hey this whole thing can just stay hidden up here in this forgotten place. Let’s just go back down and pretend nothing happened-"Brittany hurriedly stutters.
"No!" I shout much louder than I meant to, and Brittany's amber eyes begin to tear up. I realize quickly that she must think I won’t let things go back to normal and she backs away a step lowering her head. This image in front of me stabs like a knife in my heart propelling my body into motion. I erase the space between us with a few quick steps and cup her beautiful fair face within both of my hands, tilting the weight of it upwards so that our eyes could meet.
"Brit...I love you" I whisper earnestly. Brittany's eyes begin to gleam while a smile spreads across her lips. Her lips. My eyes become fixated by the mesmerizing pink.


Tags: friends to loversbisexualhighschoolfirst lovefriendshipschoollesbianLGBT+ Writing Contest
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