Dragons Blood.


K.F.Mulder Fantasy

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When A young boy is found near death suffering from some kind curse near the hut of a Wizard. The Wizard known as kimnoth takes the boy in and tries to save the child's life but discovers the boy is special is written in the scrolls of Kondor. The wizard embarks on a mission to get Ventor the dragon to give the boy his blood. A secret agreement is made between Kimnoth and the dragon.

As A new world of strength and amazement opens up to The boy. A whole new world of adventure comes forth to him.
But when the Boy discovers what the agreement is , his whole world will change and cause an all out war to erupt from its c*****e.

He will have to find and summon all his power to save the worlds he has come to love and call home.


Tags: adventureno-couplekickingbrilliantmale leadmuticharactermagical worldspecial abilitydragonsweak to strong
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Kimnoths woes

They travel to a hut on the edge of The village. It was further away from the rest of the villagers. a small glistening river separated the villagers from the hut that sat along on the edge. As they walked the stone bridge james looked down at the water. Desperate to get of the taste of foot from his mouth.

Eager and desperate He r……


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