The Love Contract

Deborah C Romance

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Kiara D' Aramitz is twenty-five, CEO of CKD hotels, the largest hotel chain in the world. She has never been in love before. That is until one night at a club she meets someone.
Austin Lokela twenty- nine, a law student, and a part-time waiter. That night at the club he fell in love with Kiara. But when he found out who she was, he realized he was way out of her league.
But Kiara has made it her mission to have him so she prepared the only kind of proposal that knew to make. A business proposal. She offered him a contract marriage.

He turned her down. But he couldn't seem to stop thinking about her.

And when Austin's brother, Bret meets her, he wants Kiara. But his reasons for wanting her are completely different than anyone had ever imagined


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Chapter 39

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