My Miracle Luna (Complete)


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Rylee Duquesne was orphaned at ten years old when her father, the Alpha of the Silver Lake pack was challenged for his pack. He lost. The challenger, Alpha Eric Patterson of the Halfmoon pack took over and slaughtered everyone. Rylee was the only survivor. After she is discovered, Eric took her in and turned her into a slave.

For eight years, Rylee was mistreated and abused. On her 18th birthday, Rylee meets her mate, and it's none other than Eric's son, and the future Alpha of Halfmoon, Ash. He rejects her, and she accepts, unfortunately, she had to reveal her true identity, that she is an Alpha by blood; however, Rylee is not only an Alpha by her father's side but also her mother's, making Rylee a true Alpha.

Ash realizes that he is in love with Rylee, but it's too late. On the night of his Alpha ceremony, Rylee is given her second chance mate, another Alpha. Wyatt Valencia, of Blue Lake. Unbeknownst to her, Wyatt has been in love with Rylee since she was ten years old.

Will Rylee be able to let go of her past and find happiness with Wyatt, or has the damage to her soul put her in a place of no return? What will happen when Rylee's pedigree is fully discovered by the enemy?

Read to find out.

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All Rights Reserved

If I find out anyone has plagiarized my work. I will report you, and depending on the severity, I will even take legal action.
This story is signed and published on Dreame, and Dreame alone.

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Tags: alphafatedkickass heroinedramabxgwerewolvespackfirst loverejectedsupernatural
Latest Updated
Chapter 99/Final Chapter

          {Wyatt’s P.O.V.}

          One year later


          “SAMSON VALENCIA! GET BACK HERE!” I hear an angelic voice roar down the hallway. I peek my head out from my office and see th……


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