Finding Aurelia #1


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My only mistake was being in love with the girl that truly makes my cold dead demon-vampire-witch-human mixed heart sing. Yeah, try saying that ten times fast. The mixed-up-ness is my parents' fault, so don't blame me. Besides, I'm mostly just vampiric. Or was.

This isn't a story about rejection, mixed feelings, or any of that lame crap. No, this is about a girl's father locking away her mate because he's got little man syndrome and doesn't like the idea of his daughter being touched. Why? Because he's kind of an okay dad and doesn't want her getting hurt. I could almost respect that. Almost.

But Ethan Greyson doesn't get my sympathies. Ever. Not after he overreacted when he used mine and my Aurelia's mistake as an excuse to keep us apart. Three years of longing to touch her long, silky dark hair, to kiss her soft skin, to look into those beautiful dark brown eyes once more.

Oh, and to get out of this school-slash-prison that's burning me alive from the inside. I can't help it. It's the demon blood and this is holy ground.

So, once those gates finally open, I'm taking my one duffel full of my belongings--which include a complete skeleton I dug up from the crypt--and I'm heading home to her. And Ethan Greyson better watch his back. I'll kill him if he tries to keep me from her again. Sorcerer or not, I'll kill my love's father if he tries to pull this again.


Tags: darkfatedmatebadboydramabxghumorousdaemonvampirefirst love
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Holy mother forking shirtballs, Batman!

There it was. I told you all he was a psycho. I told you. You all were like "oh, more Jack" or "more Alex." No.

You had no idea what this mo-fo wa……


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