His brother the alpha

Laura Ann Fantasy

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Normally when a werewolf becomes of age at 18 years old he/she is free to go find their mate and be with them, but for me this was never going to be the case and I should of figured this out by now. Ever since I was born I was f*******n the leave the grounds of our pack’s manor house, at first I just figured it was because I was the only daughter of a alpha and I was being kept safe from the danger that may lurk beyond our pack territory but it turns out it was the terms of a agreement made before I was even born!

Promised to another Willow felt trapped, all her life she dreamed of her mate but now this dream was no more, or so she thought!


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Chapter Four: Feeling Regret

Willows POV

Lance was taking the time getting to know me and it was great, we sat outside and just chatted about everything I could feel myself getting drawn into him hanging on his every single word. Before long he began to tell me the story about how he thought he had met his mate and was in love. Arabella was her name she was a beautifu……