Alphas Hunter Mate (Romano Series #7)


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"You know what would happen if you let me bite you?" The Alpha tried again, ducking his head to watch the blur of his hand stroking the sides of her exposed thigh. "You'd come. It'd be so easy, baby, get you off so quick."

Allison exhaled brokenly, thigh shifting as she tried to arch up into his hand, the knife slipping down a few inches. He could probably take it from her right now, drop it out of the hunter's hand and toss it over his shoulder before she regained her wits. Her desires very much controlled her at the moment, eyes dark and lips swollen, parted in anticipation for the rest of the night.

"You bond me now, and that's the last time you ever see me," Allison warned. Her words are shaky and overwhelmed but determined, unyielding. "I know...I read what happens when you bond your mates. They are mated for life."
At twenty-four years old, Allison Cohen had her life figured out. She'll take the last of her training and then become the leader, meet someone who shares her values and accept who she is, and apply everything her hunter parents have taught her.

Alec Romano is a twenty-six year old Alpha who had to take charge of his pack after his fathers been attacked. All he cares about is making sure his family doesn't fall apart.

They are polar opposite, don't belong together. Allison hunts werewolves; Alecs the strangest wolf she's ever met, and she can't seem to get him out of her head. And they happen to be mates as well.


Tags: billionairealphakickass heroineomegalunadramastraightwerewolvespackenemies to lovers
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/Third Person POV/

The Alpha shifted closer; his face pressed into her neck, their bodies flushed against one another. He trailed kisses up to her ear, where her scent was the strongest; a delicious, explosive of delicate vanilla and something deeper and citrusy.

Allison shifted a bit against……


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