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(MCKINLEY SERIES) Wolf Shifters, will be a boxset of around 12 books. Each of the books shall be a romantic thriller, revealing the McKinley brothers and sisters claiming their mates, while fighting against all odds. Do go through all the books, as each of them shall leave you spellbound, I promise you.

Welcome to Huntsville-Alabama-U.S. where every myth and scary story you were ever told is real. A place where the things that go knock in the night or daytime for that matter, are surprisingly friendly. For the most part.

Take a good look at your neighbor, the person sitting beside you at the bar, or your coworker. Are you sure they are human?
"Deborah, we need to take matters into our own hands or our sons will never find their mates," Daniel McKinley set his glass down. "We have seven grown sons, who after three hundred years, still have not found their mates. If we do not step in and give the Wolf Goddess, Diana, a hand, our sons may have to spend their lives alone, without children to raise, and without their other half to love. Damn it, I want grandchildren while I am still young enough to enjoy them."

Daniel opened his arms wide, inviting Deborah to slide onto his lap. He buried his face in her hair, breathing in her unique scent. The familiar fragrance calmed him like nothing else. He was confident everything would change for his sons, very soon. He could hardly wait for each of them to meet their one true mate. No wolf should go three hundred years alone.
ROSE STEVEN is finally free of her good-for-nothing cheating husband. She is not in a hurry to trust another man anytime soon. Well, except for the hot guy who stars nightly as the romantic hero of her dreams. It is a shame that he is not real.

NEIL MCKINLEY is a billionaire with a furry secret. But even billions cannot buy happiness. He blew his chance to meet the woman of his dreams six months ago. Dreaming is a nice way to pass time, but he wants a real flesh and blood female.

Peep into the book to check out if Neil and Rose find true love.


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