Starlight Love

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"You bastard! I trusted you!" Olivia yelled on top of her voice slapping Ethan, murmurs going round in the classroom.
"I opened up to you, let you in, and then what do you? You broke my heart, Ethan" she broke down in tears as she looked at the young boy whom she had trusted with her body but he went on embarrassing her. Painting her as a slut.
Ethan looked down without saying anything to her, he knew that he was being accused of this but what could he say? it was evident enough that he did it.


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I regret it

Olivia’s Point of view

Was I dreaming everything that was happening to me?  I mean I could have done anything other than making a video of me having sex with a boy. I groaned as I turned around trying to turn off the alarm that just went off. I closed my eyes briefly as I thought about what to do next.

I sighed deeply before I ……