Hades' Lost Daughter


Katherine Sanchez Fantasy

3294 reads

Rain. Thunder. Water. Destruction.
A baby cried loudly outside of an orphanage. The cold rain pouring over her as the cold breeze passed by. Suddenly lightning struck nearby trees, the trees set on fire. As the baby cried the flames burned brighter. A young woman finally came rushing out of the building and took the child inside.
Once inside, the woman quickly grabbed towels and dry clothes but once she took the girl in her arms she gasped as she saw that the baby wasn't wet.
Rumble. The ground shook violently and a dangerous shout echoed through the realms...


Tags: darkpowerfulprinceprincessroyalty/nobleheir/heiressdrama
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It all happened in slow motion. Barbara began to gurgle blood and it took me a second to realize it was hers. Using all my strength, I screamed out and ran towards her as she fell at the entrance of the tunnel, the monsters were clawing their way trying to get through the protection Barbara had set on the entrance. 



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