King in Training


Melody Tyden Romance

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COMPLETED. This is the sequel to Lady in Waiting.

Despite getting her prince, Cordelia can't be fully happy until her best friend Elodie gets her man too. Unfortunately Bran has been sent to help Arthur and Eric track down Westley Eastam, the man who's been scheming against both Cordelia's father's kingdom and her new husband's home.

When Bran goes missing, Cordelia convinces Cass to go to his rescue - with her and Elodie going along to help, of course. How deep does Westley's influence run, and can they stem the tide before it's too late?


Tags: adventureindependentbraveprincessdramabxgmedievalroyalcrown prince
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Eric’s POV

The day of my brother’s coronation happened to fall on the same day as Westley Eastam’s execution. I sent Cass a message of support and congratulations, but I needed to stay and witness Eastam’s death for myself. I wanted to be sure there were no tricks and no mistakes. This man had wreaked havoc on all our lives for far ……


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