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"Don't you dare to push me away, Venessa. I am not your boy toy. I am your f**king husband", he smashed his fist on the wall beside my face made me flinch in horror. We both were breathing hard in anger. I closed my eyes and then opened again and looked straight into his eyes masking my fear.

"You don't need to remind me every time how f**king my life is now, William, and don't forget that I am also your wife not one of your w****s who throw themselves on you", I almost yelled at him in the end while taking long breaths. We both were glaring at each other and none of us was willing to move the gaze away from the other.


Venessa Hamilton and William Nash were normal college-going students but not on good terms. They hated each other from their guts through the bottom of their heart but destiny had some twisted plans that ended both of them together in an arranged marriage. They were hell determined to make other life's hell. Experience the journey of their hatred to love with them.


Tags: love after marriagearranged marriagearrogantdominantindependentconfidentdramatwistedbxgcity
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Jack’s P.O.V.

I sighed aloud and stretched my whole body. Both I and Elliott were trying to find out the person behind the attack on Vanessa but it seemed that he had vanished into thin air. There was no suspicious movement around the Hamilton mansion in the past ten days. All our c……


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