An Alpha's Dark Secret


Anne Paranormal

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*Book Six*
Recommended to first read: A Bite From An Alpha King, A Beta's Undying Love, A Second Chance Mate, A Luna's Broken Heart and An Alpha's Choice.

As I turned my attention back to Madeleine, I saw Chris place his hand on her shoulder.
My wolf and I were pretty much in an agreement here. While Chris was happily mated to Kate, and it showed clearly, she was the only female he wanted, especially after the sh*t those two had gone through together, there was no way he just got to touch her so casually. She was f*cking mine.
I was growling so loudly, before I had even noticed it, and it had the all the glasses, plates, forks and knives on the table shake and move around. Everyone turned their heads to look at me, but my eyes were only on Madeleine, and the hand on her shoulder, which should not be there! I was up on my feet so fast, my hands slammed down on the table, and I was shooting Chris a deadly glare, that told him quite loudly, that if he valued his hand at all, he removed it, before I would do it for him.
“Do not touch her!”

Madeleine has taken her sister's place and is now going to be mated to the powerful alpha Hunter Dayton, which means she will be moving away from everything she knows just so her sister can be happy, and her father will no longer cause trouble for the king and the rest. After being invited to the castle by her sister, she finds the last person she wanted to find. Her very own mate ... This could ruin everything.
Evan has a dark past no one knows about. It haunts him and makes him incapable of letting anyone close. He has no desire to find his mate and just wants people to stay far away from him, but when he meets the beautiful Madeleine he soon realizes it isn't so easy to stay away, and soon he finds himself so attached he cannot let go, even if his past prevents him for letting her in.


Tags: alphadarkpossessivearranged marriagematesensitivebravelunabxgsecrets
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