His Undesired Mate


Pakhi Das YA&Teenfiction

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Dare To Be A Teen- Meet My Hybrid Girl.

Witches, werewolves, hybrids, or hunters.. All is just a Fantasy for us now. But is it truly just a story or is there actually a world where they are living secretly? Melania is a regular girl like us, who doesn’t believe that supernaturals really exist. Until one day she discovers the truth when she finds herself mistakenly among them. Not only that, but she also finds that humans are only pets for them to breed their child now. What so more, she is taken by the werewolf king as a pet herself as a sign of mercy?

What will she do now? Will she ever be able to escape that world and return home? Will she ever realize that she is not just a human, but something more powerful than them? And who is this king of werewolves, anyway? Why did he take her as a pet or make her feel undesired?

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Tags: matekickass heroinedare to love and hatewitch/wizardroyalty/noblebxgwerewolvesenemies to loversweak to strong
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Author's note..

A new book of this series is on the way titled :- “His Little pregnant Mate”. It’s a 18+ teen fiction story. I hope you will follow it and support me like you did with this one.

Thank you so much to all of my readers for giving my book a chance. It’s been a long journey and I appreciate all of your supports. English is not my first languag……


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