The Devil's Deal


Bella-Anne Fantasy

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Before You Read:
Story may contain; References of abuse, vulgar language, gore.
The story flips between two point of views, sometimes going back a few seconds to give the reader the entire plot.


Pandora Ashmore is engaged and soon to be wedded to her highschool sweetheart of eight years. However, things don't follow the path she had planned. On the night of her wedding, things go horribly awry. A mysterious murderer claims her life, cut short at the tender age of 25.

Salem, the demon of death, answers her cries. A deal is made between the two. If she fails her soul will be his, made to work as a Demon of Death. If she is successful she can return to the land of the living.

With one condition: she only has thirteen days.

Through trials and hardships, mysteries and betrayals, will she find out who ruined her life? Or will she fail and give her soul to the devil himself?

“Help!" A cry escapes my throat as I start sprinting away from the shadowy figure. Tears begin to stream down my face once more as I bump off of trees, trying effortlessly to escape. My feet thunder against the moist dirt, my heels trying to get stuck in the gooey mixture. A tugging feeling shoots through the back of my dress, with a glance I can see that the silky fabric has been snagged on one of the tree roots.

Copyright © 2020 by Bella-Anne


Tags: murdersecond chancedramabxgmysteryfemale leadmale leadbetrayalsupernatural
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Day Zero- Contract

✁Day Zero- October 31st, 2018


I grab her right hand and tug her towards the stairs, Sabastian scurries away frantically as we make our way back to him. At the bottom of the stairs, I pull her closer as I spin around to face her. “What part of don’t move did you not understand?” I growl in frustratio……


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