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She is the new girl in school with dark wavy hair, an angelic face, and stubborn eyes. While he is, on the other hand, a handsome popular boy, a football athlete, and very bossy. They both have a secret. A secret that might help to solve cases of missing girls from 50 years ago.

Is it all coincidences that her mother decided to move to San Rafael?
Is it just an unfortunate event?
Or is it fate?

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“You want me to put it on your grave?” She asked, looking at a space in front of her. “You want me to give it to your little sister? Okay then just give me your address and I’ll send it. What? No? You want me to talk to her?” Her tone pitched an octave. “What should I say to her…Hmm sorry, but your sister told me where to look for this and she wanted me to give it to you. What? Yes, I’ve been talking to your sister’s ghost,” she’s acting a scene.
One word she said, sent an electric pulse in my veins. I felt goosebumps all over my body. The word of ghost. I almost fainted, my arms were paralyzed and so my bag jumped freely to the floor, making a big noise. She jumped by surprise and looked at me. She put the necklace in her pocket and hurriedly walked past me to the door.
“Hi, Rae!” I said, jittery, pretending that I didn’t overhear her ghostly conversation.
She’s a freak, the voice said.
She turned around and glared with anger. “I’m not a freak!” she uttered a shout.
I was stunned.
“I’m not saying you’re a freak,” I barely moved my lips and said. ”But my other personality did.”
Yes. My other personality did, so-called my other bizarre conscience. It said that she’s a freak. Yet, she could hear it. So it’s not just me. Perhaps all this time I was wrong, it’s not another personality but more like a ghostly whisper.


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