Mr. Playboy is actually a... Girl?


Chyler Avery LGBT+

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After the death of her best friend, Alice finds her diary. As she reads whats written in it, she found out that most of the entries was about a guy, making her curious to know who it was, Alice reads all of the pages that was written in it, at the last page of the diary she learned that the guy apparently "ghosted" her best friend, and what's worst is the guy did it during her chemotherapy sessions, when her best friend needed him most. Anger slowly started to builds up deep within her, and brings her to a decision to find that guy named "aries" and avenge her late best friend for what he'd done to her. Driven by anger, she decided to transfer to where the guy is studying and she even go as far as to get enrolled on the same classes aries' were. After doing a lot of research, Alice found out that Aries were known to be a playboy, that he made a lot of girls cry.

But, what if one day, she'll learned that the person whom she thought was a guy, were actually a girl? will Alice still pursue her mission or let it pass? Knowing that Alice is a homophobic person, will she do it on behalf of her best friend? or would she just let it slip away?


Tags: playboytomboycomedygxgbisexualhumorousenemies to loversroommates
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Chappter 16

Alice POV

The man accompanied me to the room where I will be going to occupy.

“This is your room, mam” he said then he stopped at the front door.

‘Room 714’ We’re on the 7th floor’

“Thank you,” I said. He lend me the key to my room.

After I unlock the door, I twist the door knob to open.

As I opene……


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