Skinwalker Apocalypse


K. A. N Suspense/Thriller

92 reads

Escaping - Suspense/Thriller Writing Contest

Skinwalkers are known to steal human and animal forms and manipulate mind through eye contact. They are not often seen but are rumored to live on the sacred mountain of Death Moore guarding the town's treasures.

Mr. Yiska and Mr. Boyd, the founders of Westcoast International Collectibles (WIC) both lost their brothers to the mountain 10years ago in an amateur attempt to steal from it.

Now, equipped with the resources needed to employ the best of hunters, they fund a scavenger hunt on Death Moore for the sought after treasures.

Mr Boyd, however, has much more sinister intentions towards his best friend and long time partner for the trip.

The hunters do not know exactly what they have signed up for, and they realize too late that the Hunt is more than what they had been told, and they just might be the hunted in the game of a sick man.

Will they figure it all out in time? ...Or would it be too late for everyone involved?
Read and find out in this very suspense-full book.


Tags: darkbadboykickass heroineindependenttragedymysterymulti-characterapocalypsesupernature earth
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The Legend

Narrator :

You see the Deathmoore mountains is not just a mountain. There was a mountain, of course, three of them in fact, each of them for the three Skinwalker spirits, but the Skinwalker mountains was the word generally used to refer to those mountains as well as the widespread acres of thick forest that surrounds the three huge bodies ……


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