Pretty Savage


Halsey S.B YA&Teenfiction

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After her twin sister died from being bullied at school, Ivy Peterson returned from the States just to do one thing - to punish the people who made her sister suffer.

However, punishing evil with justice won’t satisfy her. So, she needed to become evil to fight evil. she knew she had to end all of them. One by one.

Revenge is sweet when served cold, but breaking your enemies is sweeter. And with the addition of a wealthy and handsome bad boy in town chasing after her, Ivy’s days should be great.


Tags: billionairerevengepossessivebadboybadgirlkickass heroineheir/heiressdramabxghighschoolYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest Ⅱ
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Mrs. Alexis was just about to read the first lines on page 15 when she saw that one of her students didn’t take out her book. It was Lily Snow… 

“Ms. Snow, where’s your book?” the teacher asked.

Ivy raised her head up to look at the teacher ahead and replied, “I think I forgot to take them with me when I left home today. I’m sor……


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