Alpha's Secretive Young Mate


Deborah C Paranormal

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Katya had just turned fifteen when her Mate Alpha Nico Martino found her. Nico was twenty-three, but he refused to leave her and took her with himself to New Orleans.

No one told her why she had to live with him.

When she arrived at his pack Nico would not allow her off the third floor. He had a gate installed to keep her in and others' room out. He loved the fact that she was beautiful, sweet, and innocent, and that's exactly how he wanted her to remain.

The love blossomed and Katya mated with Nico when she was old enough to finally start the new journey of her life, but the world soon came crashing down when merely a few months later he cheated on her because of all the changes, all the overwhelming emotions of keeping her to himself drowned him to a deep end. He was not prepared for the change that had happened, he was not ready to handle his own feelings. Everyone wanted Katya... even the King. He doesn't know why and his Mate denies that she knows.

But when the rogues attack, he sees his young Mate as a fighter, not as the innocent, precious thing that he had been trying to hide from the world. Who was she? Why wouldn't she tell him?


Tags: kickass heroinewarriordramabxgkickingwerewolvesvampirefemale leadpacksuperpower
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Katya and Nico are sitting in the waiting room of the pack hospital. They are waiting to hear from Ricardo. Nico looks at her smiling "My Princess is not the same little girl she was the first day I saw her. I never thought that she was so smart, strong, and fearless. My plan was to dress her up, spoil, and show her off. She was going to be m……


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