The Intrusive Mate


Nessy Romance

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Three years ago, after the young son of Alpha David and Luna Aurora fell hopelessly in love with the daughter of their old enemy, the vampire Zyier, the relationship between the vampire's clan and the pack of David and Aurora, the Darkmoon pack, escalated. Unaccepted by their families, the couple managed to escape, but after a tragic accident, the vampire Scarlett dies in Joseph's hands. Desperate after the death of his daughter, an enraged Zyier declares war on the Darkmoon pack and attacks them.
Devastated, the werewolves barely recovered from the battle. Years later, the feud continues, but David's health is already shaken, it's time for the eldest son to take the position of the Alpha. In order for the pack to regain their strength, they urgently need to find the right Luna.
Alpha David has someone in mind...


Tags: revengecontract marriageescape while being pregnantmatekickass heroinebxgwerewolvespack
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