The Wolf Heir


Katherine Sanchez Fantasy

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A pained howl echoing in the distance made my heart clench in my chest. My eyes were fixed on the image in front of me. I couldn’t move. A woman in the distance was screaming in pain and when my eyes found her, I couldn’t see her face. The flames burning over her body made it impossible to see who she was. But something inside of me stirred. Something was wrong.
The young woman in the room bolted to her feet in a second. Sweat was pouring down her body as she started to feel caged in her room. This was the third night in a row that Katherine had experienced the same dream. It couldn’t be a coincidence. There had to be a meaning behind it. As she pondered the meaning of her dream, a howl in the distance made her shiver as if something inside of her had been awakened.
Katherine was only a human living in a small, calm town. Why would she be dreaming of strangers and chaos? The uneasiness was unsettling; she wanted answers, and something told her that her parents wouldn’t be able to give them to her. She was adopted and she couldn’t remember her origins even though she knew they held the answer to her doubts.


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 It had been a month since Jonas’ funeral and things had improved since then. My promise to Jonas still rang in my mind and I thought it always would. My wolf and I had also improved our connection. She reached out to me two weeks after the funeral, once we were done with our grief.

We still missed Jonas, there was a hole in our hear……


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