Infected Blood


Cassy Leporati Fantasy

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His minty breath fanned my face, I clenched my jaw as the tingles radiated throughout my body from my wrists- his body was so close to mine and I was so desperate for more.

I couldn't have it, but f**k... I wanted it so bad.

Our faces were just too close, the tips of our noses barely touching and the things it did to me were beyond what he knew.

"Where do you think you're off to, love?" He whispered, chills shot down my spine and I was dying to kiss him. I was becoming addicted to his touch and I knew I needed to get out.

I moved my head to the right then leaned forward, my lips grazing his cheekbone and I felt him lightly shudder before I replied, "as far away from you as possible."


I'm Katerina Prater, a serpent, the last of my kind alongside my twin brother, Joey. We've been on the run from every creature known, but when I stumble upon the ruthless Alpha that killed off my species, things get bad. I learn I'm his mate and I need to reject him... but I know if I don't mate soon I'll die- now this is where things get complicated.

My lips are poison.


Tags: alphaforbiddenpossessivepowerfultragedytwistedbxgwerewolvesenemies to loverstwinkStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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Chapter Three

Gulping, I went to respond to his revelation but the words he said next made a lump form in my throat.

"Why are you so interested in those snakes and how did you know about us?" He wasn't anymore calm when he asked and I was too scared to face him, I just knew he was staring me down while he waited for my answe……


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