Once Rejected, Twice Desired (Book 1 of Blue Moon Series)


Ambernique Leggett Paranormal

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(Warning: Mature, 18+ only)

When Alaia turns 18, she knows that she will eventually find her mate. What she doesn't know is what will happen when she finally does. The betrayal of rejection knocks her down, but she's not meant to be down for long. She is meant for greatness. Follow along as she overcomes to get everything she has ever wanted, but was too afraid to ask. She was Once Rejected, but now Twice Desired.


“You will NOT c*m yet, understand Little One?”

Hearing him say this makes me almost fall over the edge. I can barely form a coherent thought, let alone words.

Suddenly, I feel a hard smack on my ass.

I gasp at the impact, it’s hurts so damn good.

“Answer me, Little One.” He growls in my ear


I feel myself starting to fall apart. My legs are shaking uncontrollably and the tears are running continuously down my cheeks.

“Hold on baby, just a little bit longer.”

I nod my head vigorously.

“Daddy, please!” I beg. I don’t know if I’m begging him to stop or to keep going until my last breath.

Then suddenly his fingers are gone. Almost immediately my body weeps from their absence.


I do as instructed and open my mouth. He inserts the same two fingers he was just ravishing me with allowing my tangy sweetness to coat my tongue.

I drink down my juices hungrily, I feel as if I’m going insane.


Tags: polyamoryfatedsecond chancedominantsubmissivedramabxg
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Matt POV


This was not in the plans. I was just supposed to ask her to be mine tonight, then I’d show her my wolf later. 


But she was so scared that I didn’t want her, I knew I had to do everything I could to convince her that nothing was farther from the truth. 


Now I was ……


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