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What would you wish for?

Adam is a glassblower. He lives in a small village, not too far away from the big city. Everything is going well, until a dark creature knocks over his stuff and escapes. Adam comes across a wishing well that tells him he can wish for whatever he wants and take back any wish if he is disappointed. Adam makes several wishes, but he quickly discovers that a lot of things he wants, aren’t making him happy. He needs to figure out what he wants. Will he find true happiness? Quickly start reading!


Tags: adventure
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Chapter 7: Selfless

Chapter 7: Selfless

I stood there, puzzled because of my own indecisiveness. What was I going to wish for?

“You seem confused,” the well said.

“I guess I am,” I responded. “All those times, I wished for things that would make me feel better… things for myself. Personal gain was all I cared about, but every time, I felt empty……