Bonds of Another Kind Part Two


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“This is punishment for you always flirting with his wife, you realize that, don’t you?”

Toby was whining like a little b***h. He was wearing sunglasses inside like an a*****e because he drank so much in three minutes flat.

Not that Brandon stopped him. Toby was usually the smart one, though.

“I don’t flirt with Nora.”

“Yes you do! You always say you’re gonna steal her away if Alex is a douche.”

“Of course I say that! He was a douche to her for like a hot minute.”

“You didn’t even know her then!”

“I know it made her unhappy.”

“Guys,” Jack groaned from behind. He was setting out the tools across the dresser in Alex and Nora’s room. “Both of you shut up. You sound like a couple preteen girls right now.”

“Jack,” Toby pulled out his best argumentative voice. “You can agree with me on this. He literally brought up his d**k in his toast at their wedding.”

“As a joke!”

Jack slammed a wrench down, causing both brothers to stop and look at him. “Brandon, you project your issues way too much to notice you’re being inappropriate with a woman who has been in love with the man for easily fifty times longer than you’ve been alive. Toby, quit acting like the world is out to punish you. Man the f**k up and just kiss the girl already. You’re both acting like dipshits. And if either one of you flirts with Nora or brings up their genitals around her or Alex again, I won’t stop either one of them from maiming you.”

“Somebody’s in a mood today,” Brandon scoffed while setting the ladder up.

“Your mother took Grim’s blend and cussed my ass out all night thinking I let you two idiots in on some secret without her. So yeah,” he picked up his drill and messed with the bit, “I’m in a f*****g mood right now.”


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Chapter 102


He watched Anya from a distance. She was fine. She looked shaken, but B had her.

Nora wasn’t breathing.

“What the hell happened?!” 

Alex wasn’t responding. He watched his wife with a fear Jack hadn’t seen since Nora took off with Lucifer for a week.



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