Lady in Waiting


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COMPLETED. As princess of a small, wealthy, medieval kingdom, Cordelia always knew her marriage would be a political matter. She doesn't expect love. All she wants is a husband who will let her continue to pursue her own interests rather than trapping her in an endless cycle of domesticity. But even these small hopes seem dashed when she meets the prince she's expected to marry.

When the prince's men arrive to bring her to her new home for her wedding, Cordelia comes up with a plan for one last week of freedom: switching places for the journey with her trusted lady-in-waiting. She knows the charade will have to end when they arrive, so she intends to make the most of it until then, even if it means enlisting the help of their irritating, frustrating and entirely too handsome escort, Sean.

Sean is hiding his own secret about his true identity and why he was chosen for this journey. He's sworn to deliver the princess with her virtue intact, but no one ever said anything about the beautiful and unpredictable lady-in-waiting. The trip and its dangers bring them closer and closer together until both passion and truths threaten to boil over, washing away everything in its path.

When they finally see each other for who they really are, will the princess get her happily-ever-after after all?


Tags: contract marriageindependentbraveprincessdramabxgmedievalenemies to lovers
Latest Updated
57 - Just Beginning

Cordelia's POV

Cass didn't mention who was waiting to see us, so when we entered the audience chamber and the men we had encountered on our journey were presented to us, I was both surprised and delighted.

“Your Highnesses,” the lead man greeted us, bowing a little awkwardly. It must be strange for him to see us in the cas……


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