Endless Path


BStallion Fantasy

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What would you do if you find yourself stuck in a romance novel, on the top of that you are even dead.
Stella’s life took a huge turn when she was reborn into her past self after getting killed. She finds out that she has been living in a romance novel all along and her so called best friend was the FL.
Through twists and turns when Stella finally makes a place for her in the book she die’s again and find out another secret, That it’s just her job to fix lives of Side characters in novels and by doing so she can get a story of her own.


Tags: royalty/noble
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Stella was left in a daze, she felt a blend of emotions, it was like she had hit a jackpot, because the story had brought her character back but this time it wasn’t in the form of Stella but it was someone unknown, someone unfamiliar to the characters of the book.

The next day Stella woke up early and dressed up neatly to go to the office,……


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