Matters of the Heart: Mitch and Gabriella


Jojo Romance

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Mitch leaves the Werewolf Realm and everything he knows in a desperate attempt to say goodbye to painful memories and build new ones.

The Human Realm is a lot more complicated than he thought. The streets are a lot busier, the nature less plentiful and the biggest hurdle, the people completely unaware of the magical creatures that live around them. This realm isn't as simple as he had hoped and things only become more complicated when he comes to meet his second-chance mate in a crowded bar job. Mitch comes across as just a regular guy in the city, but little do they know that he is holding a very large and furry secret.

Gabriella has always lived a life of luxury, having grown up in a wealthy family, attending business school and even taking over her father's corporate empire. Her future has been set up for her and according to her father, is something that is cast in stone. She is to run the business, marry the most eligible bachelor and maintain the family name with diligence, integrity and an heir. To all the people who read about her in the papers, Gabriella is fortunate and spoilt, but little do they know of the violent and dark secret she is holding onto and cannot escape.

What will happen when Mitch crosses paths with Gabriella and how will they navigate the complexity of their secrets? Will love reign in the end, or are some things just too difficult to walk away from?

Trilogy Order:
1)Matters of the Heart: Xavier and Flora
2)Matters of the Heart: Kyle and Viola.
3)Matters of the Heart: Mitch and Gabriella

They can be read as stand-alone, but better to go in order!


Tags: fatedsecond chancemategoodgirlindependentconfidentdramasupernature earthpassionateseductive
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Author's Note:

Dear Readers

Wow, what a journey this has been. We have finally finished the Matter's of the Heart Trilogy and what a ride it has been! I have so loved writing these books and developing as a writer. Xavier and Flora were my first book EVER written and I really felt like I developed through the trilogy. Of course, this is with huge ……


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