Mending Souls


Mahi786 Romance

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Emily William, a simple idealistic girl who was forced to get married to Xenith Knight, a billionaire and successful businessman.

They were married under the circumstances that though they wished they couldn't back out from the marriage.

What will happen when Emily will find out that the man she married already have a girlfriend?

What she will do after knowing that Xenith trusts and loves the girl blindly.

What Xenith will do once he find the real motive of his entrapment with Emily.

Will they break apart from the invisible web of lies and mend their own way or will end up soothing each other?



Tags: billionairelove after marriagedare to love and hatedramacomedybxghumorousfemale leadWriting AcademypassionateStary Writing Academy II - Adventure NovelsRoyal Romance Writing Contest
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Author's note

Finally, my very first & close to my heart story has come to an end. I hope everyone who reads this book must have felt that it was worth reading your time. Let me know your thoughts about it...

Thanks to all my readers for reading it and motivating me to write more...

Those who completed reading the book I would really app……