The Rogue She-Wolf's Professor


Eliza Selmer Romance

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Marissa Holland never cared about having a mate despite all of her friends going on and on about it as long as she could possibly remember. To her that meant having to become submissive to some man and that just wasn't her thing.
It wasn't until the day Travis Hurst showed up in her life did she begin to understand what having a mate truly meant.
However, Marissa refuses to go down without a fight. Instead choosing to fight the temptation that is Travis and the alluring thrill of the pull she feels towards him.
Will Marissa be able to withstand or will she be dominated?


Tags: possessivefatedmatebadgirlconfidentbxgwerewolvespackfirst love
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Chapter 10

Kicking a rock around I tried to figure out exactly where it was that I could go for the evening.  Staying with Amanda was completely out of the question as her parents would harass me to go back home.  Staying in the park for the night was a possible option, but I didn't know if another rogue would appear or not.

As I continued to ……