Beauty and The Alpha Beast


Cat Smith Paranormal

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Riley lives in the Shimmering Lake pack abused by the entire pack who regard her as nothing more than a lowly omega, her curvy body and lack of a wolf adding to her troubles. In this world shifter's can only find their mates if each of them has a wolf. No shifter has ever fallen in love with a different race and the Shimmering Lake pack thinks of Riley as nothing more than a pathetic Omega built to serve them. But Riley isn't just a werewolf, she's part fae though she doesn't know it.

Riley is forced to endure the endless pranks, taunting and bullying as she does the best she can in the circumstances. If she left she would never get back in, her own parents disowned her at age sixteen when she failed to shift out of embarrassment. Now age eighteen it doesn't seem like her life is going to get any better.

One day though Riley's offered up on a silver platter for the Alpha King's enjoyment by her Alpha and Luna who want him to sign a treaty with them. Little do they know Riley is Alpha Jordan's mate and he'll stop at nothing to punish those who hurt her in any way.


Tags: shiftergoodgirldramatragedybxgpackweak to strongtorturedservantStary Writing Academy III
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Epilogue Part 2

Jordan stared at his beautiful wife, taking in her sparkling eyes and that beautiful smile of hers that lit up her entire face. Right now she looked contemplative and he sat back and stared at their children playing, content to wait until she was ready to talk. He wondered if she was chatting to Star in her mind. She and Star were completely in ……


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