Pythier Scwazen Academy: The Powerful Princess


Ōji Sama Fantasy

220 reads

It all started when Zeychara received a strange invitation from the unknown Academy. And what is even more surprising here is its unique offer, because not only will Zeychara study there for a long time while living there, but the Academy will also provide all her needs as well as the needs of her grandmother. She will need to leave her grandma while she studies there. At first, Zeychara was stubborn and convinced herself that she would not study there and that she would just stay by her grandma’s side and she would never leave her. But because of her grandma’s persuasion, Zeychara soon agreed to study there. Soon came the day of Zeychara’s departure, where she had to leave her beloved grandma. At first, there were doubts about Zeychara’s departure again, but it was soon resolved as well. Zeychara finally left and started walking to the school far away from where she came from. When she enters that school, everything will change.


Tags: magical worldRoyal Romance Writing Contest
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Chapter 118

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