Moonlight Waltz (COMPLETED)


Katherine Monroe Fantasy

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She is like a wind - light, airy, fleeting, but she can change into a fiery and destructive storm - a yokai, Japanese demon and a personification of the moonlight. She doesn't want to hurt anyone, just dancing every night on the sky and shining like a light is enough for her to be happy. She is lively & curious like a child but when someone wants to hurt her or loved ones she will do everything to protect them.
He is like a stone - standing firm in his resolutions, fulfilling the tasks entrusted to him without batting an eye - but there is a force that can break his hardened heart. A hunter of supernatural creatures, the best one. Fast, powerful, not showing his emotions. He does his job diligently but with one rule - don't kill the innocent. But also awfully lonely, avoiding others since he believes it's the best for everyone.

Somehow those 2 are crossing their paths and it changes their lives completely... But in the background there is also a new danger arising - a powerful force that wants to wipe out the whole humanity - and to defeat it our hunter and a yokai will have to join forces.


Tags: darkopposites attractbadboygoodgirlkickass heroinesuperheroothersbxgcityWriting AcademyStary Writing Academy III
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Episode 25 - LAST

Over the following days, Hide, spending time with Miyuki, was less and less confident about what he exactly felt for her. Of course, Hide wanted to convince himself that he cared for this girl as her protector and as it befits someone who had Angel's blood in veins. However, when Hide honestly came face to face with his feelings, he had a slight……


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