My Billionaire Ex Is A Vampire


Ingeborg SM Fantasy

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Fall For A Billionaire - Redeem Ex's Love

Years after Lorena caught her cheating two-faced billionaire boyfriend she runs into him again. He tells an unlikely story about what happened that night. Frankly, she doesn’t believe his tale at all and she wonders if he is crazy or something. But when he shows her his fangs she cannot deny it anymore. He is a vampire!

She has to ask herself if his honesty is enough for her to go back to him. Does she still love him after all that has happened? She is now in love with another man, Ben who is a renowned archaeologist. And with her fathers gambling debt she doesn't think she has time for a love life anyway. Besides, does being with Sean mean she has to become a vampire?

Sean talks about her being his Beloved, his soul mate. He asks her to come with him for ten days and do whatever he tells her to. Afterwards, she can decide for herself if she wants to leave him or stay with him forever. Will she take the chance and go with him?



Tags: billionairelove-trianglesexstudentbxgvampirefemale leadcheatingslow burnpoor to rich
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Danger noodle

“Hmm, that reminds me of something Lorena,” Ben says, taking my hand and spinning me around so that I’m hugged against him, my back against his torso. He bends down slightly to take a nibble of my ear, giving me chills down my body. “If I remember correctly,” he moves his free hand over my butt lifting my skirt slowly inch by inch while he breat……


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