Alpha Boss for Mate (Romano Series #6)


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“I-I can explain.”

How dare she talk to him after betraying him? Ian ground his teeth. His canines dug into the corners of his mouth, his wolf clawing at his skin to break out but he controlled himself.

“Not a word!”

Henry was quick to pull her away.

Ian blinked his eyes. For a second, he almost succumbed to his animal. That was so dangerous. The Alpha was slipping control. All because he couldn’t handle his human emotions. Anger coursed through his body at that.

“Consider yourself lucky. I am not going to kill anyone of you today.”

Elio bared his teeth. “Are you threatening us?”

“E stop it!” Railyn yelled at her brother.

“No this is my last warning, Elio. If anyone of you dares to step in my hotel again, I will tear you apart.”

“It won’t matter if you are my mate” Ian whispered the last part, staring at Railyn.
Ian Romano is the most feared Alpha in the States, notorious for always getting his way. Ever since his father retired, Ian has taken over their hotel empire and their "other business". Known for the meticulous and effortless job he's often asked to carry out dirty work.

During one such task, his men mistakenly abduct the wrong omega.

The minute Ian's eyes land on Railyn; an omega, so pure and innocent, looking like every bit of his wildest fantasy he's gone. There’s something about her, an edge he cannot figure out no matter what.

Railyn's a flame, like a moth he cannot stay away from her. Where will that lead him?


Tags: billionairerevengedarkdominantkickass heroinemafiawerewolvespackbetrayal
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Alphas Hunter Mate

"Are you trying to impress me, Mr Romano?" She asked, a threat of violence present in her voice. "If so I'll have you know I'm not at all intimidated by your money or your power. You don't impress me. Nor do you scare me."

That's not entirely true. The Alpha could hear the beat of her heart in her chest, frantic……


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