Billionaire's Psycho Wife


MARIO Suspense/Thriller

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Fall For A Billionaire- Billionaire Romantic Suspense

October 7th, 2012, Morning 10.00 Am, I thought it would be a normal day as usual in my mental asylum. My name is Jayakumar, I'm a psychiatrist with five years of experience.

"Doctor !", that day I heard a wild roar of a girl standing in the centre of our asylum. I saw the by-product of this cruel world.

She wore a night suit that was torn in several places revealing the scars all over her body. She was stinking as hell. Her hands and legs were tied together with an iron chain. But the thing that terrified me was the broken piece of glass in her hand. It was soaked in blood. Those pair of eyes were rose red and widened in shock.

" Doctor ! Doctor ! Where is Doctor ! ", she pointed glass in front of my chest.

" Easy ! Easy kid ! I'm the doctor of this asylum. See ! " I pointed my index towards the stethoscope around my neck and said " This stethoscope is mine ".

The bloodshot eyes gazed at me and my stethoscope and finally calmed down. She dropped the piece of glass.

" Hey Valey ! Pass the anesthesia syringe ", I whispered to my nurse who stood blood frozen behind me.

" Doctor ! ".

" Yes ? What do you want kid ?"

" Doctor ! Everyone around me says that I-I am a psycho, witch and no one play with me. Cure me doctor ! please cure me ", she joined her hands together and dropped onto her knees.

What had made a little 14 years old girl into this, that day I asked myself. I approached her and wiped the drops out of her eyes. The pain behind those bloodshot eyes were clearly visible.

" What's your name kid ? "

" Janagi. My mother call me Jaanu. Will you cure me ? "

I buried her face over my chest. I was surprised to feel my own tears running down my cheeks.

Nine years had passed. From my experience, I have learnt that the real psychopath is the filthy corrupted society that poisoned these seeds. 90% of the people inside the asylum are the purest creations of god. Jaanu is one of them. Seven years have passed like nothing. Today the CEO of Wuiz came to my asylum all alone and demanded for the custody of Jaanu. I wonder why that cold blooded monster is chasing her.


Tags: darklove after marriagegoodgirlbxgmysteryevilfemale leadrealistic earthmultiple personalitytortured
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Chapter -67

Jaanu: What are you gonna do ?

James: (*Laughs*) Money is everything silly, it's the base for everything. You can buy anything, people pay respect to you, you can spend on whatever you want and….uhmmm.

Jaanu: …… then ?

James: And so and so and so. There are a lot of things we can do with the money Jaanu.……


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