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I tried my best to avoid this love but it refused to let me be.....

I had to adopt to been normal but nature doesn't want me to be normal.

Saint has been trying his best to stay out his Father's business, for the first time he gained freedom from his father he gets Kidnaps by one of the most deadly Mafia syndicate lead Derrek.

Saint ends up cut between the cross fire of hate and revenge, Derrek on the other hand was a heartless, reckless and extremely smart man, he didn't care who he had to hurt to get to Choral Dex Amores el poderoso Saint's father.

In the mist of this mess does love blossom?

What extend would Derrek go to bring Choral el poderoso to his knee?

Is Saint really innocent?

who will be the first to die?

"Oh I should kill you?" a deep voice replied the man opposite Saint,

" 1 week ago you were begging me not to kill you, now you want me to kill you? Sorry I can't, you made your choice, so You are going to live for a very, very long time before you die finally that's your punishment for what you did" the man snapped his fingers and a very loud scream came from the man opposite, Saint could feel drops of liquid on him he knew it was blood, his heartbeat raced faster the memory of his life flashed before his eyes.



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Saint finished packing his bags for the vocation and carried them to the car waiting for Sammy get done, in a few minutes she was out with Javier have help her with the bag

" We're just going away for 3 days, how can you pack all these" he was staring at the huge bag Javier had to drag out of the house

" Well you know,……


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