Kenda: The Demon Princess


Kholo M Paranormal

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Imprisoned for three centuries Kenda, the princess of Demons, finds a way to get home, only the one who comes for her turns out to be her biggest enemy – her betrothed. A man who’ll do anything to be the new king of her people.

Even take her to the Pits – the shadiest place in the Underlands where sex, drugs and erotic punishment reigns - to convince her of their marriage. Kenda vows to exert her revenge and get her kingdom back.

But only one man stands in her way…Hans – the hottest man she’s ever seen and her new captor.
And she doesn’t know whether to f**k him or kill him.
He never thought he’ll find his true mate…
Hans – a Forxard slave turned slave owner finds his true mate in a Fucken Princess – a princess he has to keep prisoner and punish as her betrothed dictates.
With every touch, and kiss their past resurfaces revealing secrets long buried.
They discover that they were once bonded.
As danger loams and threatens to keep them apart. Hans fights hard to claim his true mate. And he hopes he’s not too late…that time hasn’t erased their precious gift of love.


Tags: alphadarkpossessivemateprincesstwistedbxg
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66 Epilogue

Kenda stood at her bedroom window staring out at the rolling dunes painted grey by the silver moon. A breeze smoothed over her skin, and she breathed it into her lungs feeling at peace. She loved this view of the Underlands.

Strong arms came around her, pulling her to a hard chest.

She moaned, loving the feel of her mate.



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