Jaded Blood (Blood Bound Book 10)


Amy Blankenship Romance

196 reads

Being a werewolf, Jade has always been under the impression that all Alpha males are nothing more than self-centered, murdering macho-bullies that use pack members as nothing more than stepping stones to become king of the hill. She should know. Her brother, her fiancé, and her kidnapper were all Alphas of the worst kind. Having all the proof she needed that Alphas are bad news, Jade vowed to never trust a werewolf of any kind… much less fall for one. She struggles to keep that vow when she is rescued by a blond haired blue eyed Alpha with the body of a Greek God. No matter how hard she fights, Jade fears this is one Alpha that she will lose to.



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Chapter 16-5


A young girl, born over a thousand years into the future, accidentally steps into the mist of a war-stricken land, carrying the one thing with her that can heal or destroy their land, a sacred crystal, known as the Guardian Heart Crystal. As five brothers are drawn to her and become her protectors, the battle between good an……


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