Addictive Blood (Blood Bound Book 11)


Amy Blankenship Romance

92 reads

Michael finds that sometimes the blood of powerful immortals do not mix even when they are soul mates and in the heat of passion. A mating mark is a symbol of possession but for Michael that tiny taste of blood is his downfall. The blood of the Fallen is deceptively seductive to a Sun God and the powerful rush Michael receives is very addictive. In order to protect Aurora from himself, Michael begins to hunt down the most powerful demons in the city to satisfy his dark craving. As the black blood pulses within his veins Michael loses himself to the rush and becomes just as dangerous as the demons he is hunting.



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Chapter 16-4


Everyone says there are two paths in life, but for Jewel Scott, it looked like both of them were very dangerous. One led toward Anthony, a murdering psychopathic werewolf, who was also the head of the city mob and her fiancé… against her will. The other road led toward Steven, a werecougar whom she had knocked out with a bas……


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