Werewolf Girl


Jeff Child Children's Books

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When the villagers notice someone has been robbed, Viola is about to find out more about the case when she is confronted with a chase, a giant wolf when the full moon shows its shiny face, and an unexpected ending to the question of who has committed the crime. She loves wolves, but she cannot tolerate such acts. What will she do when she finds out who did it? Quickly open the book and start reading.


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Chapter 7: Solving the Issue

Chapter 7: Solving the Issue

I didn’t see Lupus for another week. He stayed away from me, that was for sure. I even walked by his shop a few times, but he would always just look at me and then keep banging on a piece of steel or something.

I didn’t blame him, in a way, but I was disappointed, to say the least, that our relationshi……