Pink Barbie Romance

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Girl power- Chasing her Apollo writing contest

She’s working her way to the top the only way a woman can in this business: by being absolutely ruthless, heartless, and six times as tough as the men. But when one of those men, an underling, begins to soften her heart, she panics. Will she take their relationship off the books? Or take the “safe” path and send him away?

Arya Scarlett Whitlock, is the daughter and the only child to the most famous billionaire in New York City, Danson Whitlock and his wife Ruth Whitlock
After she is done with college in Seattle, her father wants her to come back home and take over the company and yet she thinks is not ready to take over and lead the company, she feels like she is still fresh and with no idea of how she is going to make it through but she has to fulfil her father's wish so she comes back home in New York to take over the company.

Ethan Allen Iverson, an undergraduate working his way into finishing his college, with no parents nor support from anyone, has to work extra hard to earn so that he can afford to finish his college, bumps into an advertisement for a security job in one of the most famous and successful companies in the city, Whitlock HomeSmart Realty LLC company. He decides to try his luck and when he applies for the job, he doesn't for once think that the application is going to change his life for good, torn in between serving his arrogant boss, the most beautiful woman he has ever come across so that he can get enough money to go back to college and quitting his job and going back to hustling in the city, decides to take the risk and the risk lands him to the most beautiful woman, his untamed arrogant boss, and his life luck.


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“So, mom, dad, grandma, is anyone going to tell me what the hell is happening, what exactly is going on here, you cut short my meetings to come here and only to find out that mom lied about dad being sick, what is going on?” Arya asked angrily, it was around twelve, when the car brought them home, she thought that her dad’s healt……


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