The Walkers Avalanche


QuinnBeth Suspense/Thriller

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Their faces surfaced, Nonso, John sarah and three others, They had the same appearances , pale skins, Glowing eyes, fangs, green vein and a killer look in their eyes, and their claws ready to pouce and rip my heart out, Nonso's stared at me with a full face of fury, I could feel my skin crawl.
My heartbeat paced, I was sure this it. Is this the end?
Have you ever felt like you are the star actor in a horror movie But this time all the pain, the deaths, the guilt, the despair the horror and the nightmares were real all real.
Your life feels like a a gory movie which you can't escape.
That's my life, or what it turned into.
You might be wondering what kind of book is this well let me help you with the briefings.
My name is is Dekemi, I'm 17 years old and have not got the perfect life. But am grateful with what I have. Got the best friends, Great family and one hell of a supportive squad.
Its me and my crew against the world. Till the world decided to give us something to doubt that, I made a virus the Dw-21, it was alol by accident, but turns out i created the first wave of dead walkers, in Nigeria... This is my story


Tags: adventurezombiekickass heroineconfidentscarymulti-charactercityhighschoolapocalypsemultiple personalityStary Writing Academy III
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Chapter 68: Car troubles

"Would someone tell me why in the name of God did we all lose gas together in the middle of nowhere? " Dekemi walked to the crowd , Christian checked the time, "Sick, its 7:58 and you guys are out of gas, when currently Lagos is not safe, I'll kill Youssef when I see him "She gritted through closed teeth, Ade put his phone back into his pocke……


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