But Daddy!


Trishia_reads Romance

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A mix of D**G and b**m. Coco a sixteen year old student who hate school and lives by herself in apartment. Her father left when she was a baby so she was left with an abusive mom...

One day Coco find herself madly inlove with a 21 year old name Jacob (NOT a FANFIC!) And then they moved in each other and Coco find herself getting into a lot of trouble.. will she learn her lesson? Or will her daddy have to teach her?


Tags: darksexage gapforcedbadboysweetboldWriting AcademyWriting AcademySupreme Me Fiction Writing Contest
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Chapter 10

Daddy pov,

I take off her dress and admire her sexy body in just lingerie (sexy/laces bra and panties). "Take a picture it lasts longer" coco jokes. "Excuse me lil miss are you questioning my methods?" I joke back. "Maybe i am maybe im not" she teases. "Ah-ha just remember daddy knows best" i reply with a smirk. "And what do……


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