Shadows (Book Two of the Accalia Series)


Cortney T Fantasy

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Witch, Wolf, Angel, and possibly something more. Ava never wanted a mate, but fate has other plans for her. During her last battle, Ava met her mate Atlas, who is definitely more than what he seems. The attraction was instant, but it all went downhill after Atlas found out she was a witch and left her to fight demons alone. He came back to save her life before she was murdered for overusing her powers by destroying demons just by breathing fire from his own mouth, not only amazing Ava but confusing her. Just what kind of creature was her mate? Before she could get any answers, he disappeared on her again, without another word to her, leaving her feeling unwanted and confused. Ava puts her energy on her mission of finding her male best friend/seer. However, that mission is cut short after some events of her past are revealed to her, setting her on a new path of finding out just who and what she is.

Atlas Drakos

Dragon Species
King of the Shadow Realm
Atlas was joyed to finally find his mate, who happened to be his savior after he was abducted and kept caged by a demon for years. However, after finding out she had witch abilities, his dislike for witches overpowered his newfound love for his new mate, causing him to leave her and return to his kingdom. After being declared dead, he has found out his younger brother Adam has now acquired the throne. Complications between brothers arise as Atlas plans on taking his kingdom back, but Adam does not plan on giving up his throne so easily.

The road ahead is a dark one for both and an old prophecy surrounds these two. Fate has plans for them set in motion long before they were born that could turn out to be more than each of them can handle, as the demon lord sets out his final attempt to claim more power.

Follow the story of Atlas and Ava as they learn their biggest lesson on their journeys in life, love, and power.

Some things are never what they appear to be.


Tags: sexkickass heroinepowerfulevilmagical worldrebirth/rebornsupernaturalDreame Love Story Contest
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Ava Pov

" Holy s**t" , I replied. I was feeling a bit dizzy. Something inside of me was feeling hot again. It was the same feeling I got when I was tied up with Ana. Speaking of her............

" What happened, where is Ana?", I asked. Everyone suddenly looked uncomfortable.



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