Saoirse's Little Game


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For every story, there is a protagonist.
And most protagonists are nice, soft-spoken, damsel in distress, or just a sweet good-hearted girl.
And if you are looking for a protagonist, who’s really nice, kind and good-hearted..
Then I am not the one that you are looking for!
Because I am not sweet nor nice! I am a b*tch and I am proud of it!
Some call me an evil witch or a spoiled b*tch and guess what I am both! So don't mess with me!
And I will get rid of anyone who blocks my way because I can and..that's the way it is.
And for those who are fantasizing about my Roux, better watch your back because I will make sure that your life will be miserable!
I will do anything, everything! Just to make Roux mine!
So if I were you, better back off and stay away from my man if you love your life!
Because I, Saoirse De Leviste is not a Protagonist, but your worst nightmare!

Saoirse Eloise and Sacha Elise are twins. Twins but the exact opposite. They are like sun and moon, water and fire..but despite that, they love each other and will always protect each other.

Saoirse is the wild and rebel one, being the younger one, she’s the spoiled and brat. She always makes sure that she gets what she wants.
Sacha on the other hand is the demure and loving sister, being the elder sister for just two minutes, she always pampers Saoirse and gives her everything that she wants, to the point that she will sacrifice just to make her sister happy.

Saoirse has been in love with Roux Dimitri ever since she knew what love is and being the queen bee of the Campus, she made sure that no girls can touch her Roux because Roux is hers and she has already staked a claim to him. Good thing, Roux is not a good guy, he is mean to other girls, and that’s making her job at dispatching the other girls easier.

Roux Dimitri is a cold guy but for Sacha, he can be gentle and soft. He is her guy best friend and he is willing to protect her no matter what the cost is. Even though he is annoyed with Saoirse he is still treating her in a civil manner because he knows that once he became harsh to Saoirse, Sacha will be sad.

Sacha, likes Roux Dimitri but she knows that her sister is so in love with Roux. Even though it is hard for her, she chose to leave and give way to her sister.

Callahan, is a transfer student who got fascinated with Saoirse’s b*tch attitude so he became her partner, her accomplice in all her evil plan on making the girls around Roux suffer. And he is more than willing to be a minion of hers as long as she is happy.


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Latest Updated
Chapter 81: Happy

“Who said I am dating Sacha?” 

My lips parted and I straightened up on my seat. I don’t know why is he denying that he is dating my sister..But whatever his plan is I will make sure that I will be out of it.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?” he smirked at me and I tried so hard not to roll my eyes at him.



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